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Organic Essential Oil

Cananga Odorata


10 ml

Ylang-ylang is a yellow tropical star-shaped flower. Its oil has a delicate, rich and floral aroma and has been used for centuries for its many beneficial properties. Ylang-ylang is the main ingredient in the most famous perfume in the world – Chanel N°5

ORIGIN: Madagascar

AROMA: Sweet, floral and stimulating

How to use:

Diffusion: Use 3-4 ylang-ylang in an aromatherapy diffuser of your choice
Topical: Dilute 1 drop in carrier oil of your choice and gently rub into desired area

Internally: Dilute 1 drop in 200ml of liquid

Massage: Mix 5 drops with 50ml of base oil until a homogeneous mixture is obtained.

For use in cosmetics: Dose essential oil no more than 0.05% into the finished product, stir with a plastic or wooden stirrer until a homogeneous mixture is obtained.

Learn more:

Home Spa Ylang-Ylang Oil is extracted from unique star-shaped flowers grown in Madagascar.


It has a long traditional use as a medicinal, perfume, cosmetic and in religious rituals. Today it is a main ingredient in many of the most expensive perfumes and cosmetic products for hair and skin.


In aromatherapy, it is used to awaken the senses and create a calm, happy, and even romantic atmosphere.


Tips for use:

  • Diffuse 3-4 drops of ylang-ylang in an aromatherapy diffuser or alternatively place 1-3 drops on a cotton pad for direct inhalation.

  • For a relaxing bath – put a few drops of ylang-ylang in the bath along with Epsom salt

  • For a natural perfume – rub 2-3 drops of ylang-ylang on your wrists and neck

  • For a nourishing hair conditioner – dilute ylang ylang in castor oil

  • To beautify the skin - dilute ylang-ylang in a carrier oil of your choice and gently rub onto the desired area

  • For digestion – rub 2-4 drops of ylang-ylang diluted in a carrier oil of your choice

  • For skin infections – dilute 3-5 drops of ylang-ylang in a carrier oil of your choice and apply to the affected area twice daily

  • For soothing therapy after a hard day - rub 2-3 drops of ylang-ylang on your feet

Характеристики и ползи

Mood, anxiety and depression

According to a number of scientific studies, the inhalation and application of ylang-ylang essential oil has almost immediate positive effects on the brain and hormonal system.


It improves mood, raises self-esteem, has an anti-depressant effect, calms stress and anxiety, and reduces elevated heart rate. Ylang-ylang is a comprehensive tool for improving the emotional state and uplifting the spirit.



Libido and energy

Ylang-ylang oil is known as a natural aphrodisiac and energy booster. It can arouse the libido, increase sensuality and eroticism and serve as a remedy for impotence, in both men and women.


Health and immunity

Traditionally, ylang-ylang has been used to help treat malaria, asthma, high blood pressure, gout, pneumonia, parasites, fungal infections, and more. Scientific studies show that its concentrated essential oil has antibacterial, antifungal and immunostimulating properties.

It calms the heart rhythm and relieves inflammation, making it very useful for a number of diseases related to chronic inflammation such as gastrointestinal problems, autoimmune diseases, allergies and others. (1)

Skin benefits

Ylang-ylang essential oil is especially beneficial for the skin due to its strong antioxidant, moisturizing, nourishing, anti-inflammatory properties and abundance of skin-healing terpenes. It protects, rejuvenates, helps heal blemishes and inflammations, balances the function of the sebaceous glands and is a natural antiseptic, which means it kills harmful microorganisms on the skin. These properties make it very useful for acne, seborrhea, eczema and various types of dermatitis.(1)



  • Keep out of reach of children.

  • In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.

  • Before use, do a sensitivity test in the pit of the elbow flexion. If there is a rash or redness - do not use the product.

  • Do not use if allergic to the oil.

  • Do not use in children under 6 years old.

  • Concentrated product, dilute before use.

  • If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have hypersensitive skin or want to use essential oil for your child, consult a specialist first!

  • Note: The oil is strong and should not be used by children under 12 years of age. May cause headache in overdose. Its use requires consultation with a specialist!

Natural and organic

100% pure and organic composition

No animal testing

100% vegan without animal exploitation

In harmony with nature

Ecologically conscious materials and production

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