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Home Spa - the power of nature in your home

Home Spa's goal is to bring you back closer to nature – the world of flowers, innate beauty and wondrous aromas, a world which represents an unparalleled scientific laboratory.

Our recipes and cosmetic blends are formulated by Lorrie Hargis – a renown author and aromatherapist in America, with a long experience in essential oil research and their effects on the psychological and physiological mechanisms of the human body.


Why our oils?


The essence of nature


Our dedication to you

Our essential and base oils are certified, 100% pure natural organic oils with guaranteed quality and composition. Our oils undergo strenuous research with high-tech analytical equipment, which guarantees their natural and organic origin, as well as their component composition.

The world of essential oils - miraculous fragrant substances with the incredible potential to bring harmony to your body, heart and mind. They can help to you to improve your mood, better your sleep, restore your energy, find balance and so much more...

Because we value your health, we wish for you to have access to pure and natural products. Step by step we will guide you to your perfect home atmosphere, full of constant of joy and optimism. A good stimulant for your self-confidence on the principle of "I did it myself". With us you can be absolutely sure of the quality of the products you use on your body.

Wonder at home

Our essential oils and cosmetics aim to restore your natural beauty, confidence and serenity. We make absolutely sure that our products do not harm your health or the environment.



Natural essential oils


Natural ingredients



No parabens

What does BIO-ORGANIC mean?

The BIO-ORGANIC mark certifies the strict traceability of our oils from the organic cultivation of the essential oil culture to its packaging in bottles, to ensure that our oils are natural and BIOLOGICAL and that they do not contain impurities and contaminants. The sign guarantees that tests have been performed in renown laboratories with the most precise equipment, so that we make sure that all of our products are absolutely pure, natural and organic.

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